NuTan® tanning patches are the latest beauty product to enhance your glow with the use of an innovative micro-crystal technology tanning patch.

Your Real Tan, Less Sun.


    Apply your NuTan® tanning patch just before you go to sleep and wear it overnight as this allows for fewer disruptions whilst the skin is preparing. Ideally, place the patch behind the shoulder or an area where the skin won't crease. Alternatively, wear the patch for at least 5-6 hours prior to UV exposure, but make sure the patch is 'un-interrupted' ie no gym sessions, heavy sweating etc.

    The more melanin within your skin, the greater opportunity for your skin to tan once you're exposed to UV.


    Remove the patch.

    It's now time to go about your daily outdoor activities as you normally would, like a trip to the beach, a sunny day picnic, etc. You now need to activate your melanin with short bursts of sunshine or UV light ideally within 6 hours of using the patch for maximum benefit. Make sure you always use a sunscreen product when exposing yourself to UV light or sunlight.

  • GLOW

    Continue wearing a patch every night or second night with supported UV exposure to build up your tan.

    For those particularly fair or who don't usually tan, we recommend, to begin, that you wear a patch for up to three consecutive nights before introducing UV exposure or sun(visit Pre-Tan phase in our FAQ's).

    Once you reach your desired glow, you only need two patches every week/fortnight to maintain your tan.